Friday, 15 July 2011

Get Trendy!

Wedding in 2012?
Hot for next year and carrying through from this year is the love of vintage; Victorian style dresses and Romantic bouquets are key!

My personal loves are classical vintage glamour
more of the Hollywood Style, from the Deco to Rock n Roll, but I can't resist the drama of a Victorian theme. I like to mix and match so the important thing is, make your wedding day about YOU. Pick the bits you like best and leave it to the professionals to pull it all together for something unique.

Next year will see lots of ivory, light pink, peonies and pearls throughout! Something blue? Why not try a hint of colour? Making an appearance will be more neutrals with beige and blue hues. Here are some gorgeous bouquets to keep the romance alive:

Dresses are likely to be bigger and bolder with tight fitted corsets, lace and ribbon. There are loads of suppliers out there who are happy to help, but here's a couple of examples from the Preston area:

Favours although a small part can really make a difference! This is the momento of the day for your guests, so be as creative as you can! A a couple of my own glass bottle and gift bag favours:

Cakes are also essential to any wedding of course! Lots of yummy flavours and fillings available these days as well as some gorgeous designs, the two here are from another local cake company and are Victorian inspired.

These are just snippets of inspiration for you to consider, look around and pick the best bits for you!


Myself here at Grafted & Crafted. Dan Kerr, Preston. Flower Passion, Preston. Secret Garden, Preston. Petite Belle Cakes, Preston.

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